My 4 Week Financial Beliefs Coaching Group Begins Tomorrow

posted by Melissa Cappleman
October 19, 2011

Changing your life and eliminating your debt is 20% know-how and 80% focus and positive beliefs in your ability to do it! So often we don’t realize how our attitude can affect our relationships. Just like in human relationships, our relationship with money is seriously affected by our attitude towards it. Is money a tool for you to achieve your dreams? Or is it a chore that you hate? Your financial beliefs direct whether you have a positive or negative relationship with money.

I’m here to help you change your negative, in-‘debt’-ed financial situation into a positive, prosperous life! Start analyzing your view of money by signing up for my 4 week coaching group starting tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 20. We’ll focus on how our beliefs affect our choices and habits and how we can start to incorporate positive actions into our everyday life that add up to a big financial difference. We’ll also learn how to instill healthy financial beliefs and habits in our children to ensure they grow to know how to manage money and use it to their advantage. Beliefs and attitudes are often unconscious and until we can pinpoint these negative influences and change them into positive forces, our efforts to change will be in vain.

It’s time to change this North American culture of debt and start to take charge of our own financial situation. Your childrens’ future (and yours) is directly affected by your personal relationship with money. Make sure it’s a good one. For more information (only 2 spots remain) email me at inquiry (at) coachmelissa (dot) net to learn about my other coaching services.

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