How to Put the Law of Attraction To Work For Your Finances

posted by Melissa Cappleman
March 1, 2012

The Universal Law of Attraction, The Power of Focus, “The Secret”… whatever you want to call it, WHAT WE FOCUS ON IS WHAT COMES TRUE.  So here’s how you can apply the Law of Attraction to your finances.

This is the law of to-do lists, but the key is, you need to get them done.  It’s that easy, check off your complete to-do list every single day, keep your goals in focus, and achieve them!  All of you organizers out there love to-do lists, but sometimes we focus more on the list than on FINISHING IT AND MOVING ON.

So start by setting your goal, and make sure it’s a S.M.A.R.T. goal , so that it’s realistic and measurable – example: “Eliminate my credit card debt ($12,600) in 24 months.”  That means you need to pay a minimum of $525 each month for 2 years to your creditors.  Does this sound daunting?  Well, when you accept a challenge in life, learn to get excited about your progress and enjoy your advancing successes each day.  Let’s say you earned an extra $300 this month, you’ll actually want to put it toward your debt because you learn how great it feels to stay on target, succeed, and get ahead in your goals!  Here lies the true spirit of the Power of Focus and the Law of Attraction.


If you sometimes feel like you’re so bad and you’ve made too many financial mistakes, you think that this couldn’t be possible.  IT’S THIS EASY.  Well, I specialize in helping clients just like you truly turn around their financial outlook, and their lives.  So let’s get started.


Abundant Blessings,

Melissa Cappleman

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