More About Brent Pittman

I began working with Coach Melissa in the spring of 2011, after completing the Dave Ramsey finance coaching training. With my background in teaching and business, combined with my enjoyment of all things related to personal finance, I feel able to help others overcome and develop a better life, to make progress toward a debt-free life.

My relationship with money

I’ve always been a saver, as well as a hard worker. When I chose to marry, I discovered that the woman I love believed as I did, and we began our life together by creating a budget for our wedding. We have lived on a budget ever since, which has improved communication between us and has strengthened our marriage. We achieved our goal of living a debt-free life in 2008.

My personal experience has led me to specialize in finance coaching for couples. I know that I can help them improve their relationship by teaching them the principles of managing money and budgeting finances. I help them overcome the conflict which can be caused by problems with money. I help them find financial peace and security, with less stress and anxiety. I teach folks that it is not only possible, but desirable, to live without credit and debt.

”Brent is an outstanding advisor! He is an expert in his field and, more importantly, provides emotional support to help tackle difficult issues.” ~ Grace Borrero

At times, I am the referee they need, at times I am a counselor; always, I am a teacher, a coach, a mentor to the couples I work with. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a marriage grow and flourish when a couple gets on the same page financially. There are many areas we will work on together, including: How to budget finances, Goal setting, Relationships and money, Attitudes and feelings about money, Savings, Beating debt, Insurance, Dealing with collectors, Retirement and College savings, and Giving back.

Helping you improve your relationship with money

By nature I am a teacher, as my three years in California classrooms and two years of overseas instruction indicates. I also have experience in operations and recruiting for an overseas business, as well as a BS in education. I have led four Financial Peace University classes, with more in my future. My young family is debt free and, as soon as he is old enough, I will raise my young son to live by the same principles I teach; practical steps for dealing with money that are undergirded by sound Biblical principles.

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