Meet Jeff Lightner

Jeff Lightner

I joined the Coach Melissa team in the summer of 2011, after formalizing my training in finance coaching through the Crown Ministry’s finance coaching training program, in addition to completing both Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and his finance coach training courses. It was finally time to help others do the same thing I’ve done for so many years, to live on a budget and become debt free.

I’ve always been a budgeting planner

Having lived on a budget since before I was a teen, I was surprised to discover that others, including adults, did not. Teaching others to budget finances and live a debt-free life has actually become something of a ministry for me. I have worked hard to compliment my skills in finance coaching by leading small groups, mentoring at both the youth and adult levels, and speaking at group functions in order to improve my communication, counseling and relational skills.

I have always been a numbers guy, as well as a people-person. Now in my early fifties, with decades of experience in personal finance and business, my goal is to help others find financial success.

Jeff is excellent at finance coaching. He not only helped my husband and me, he even taught our kids how to better manage their money. He’s a great guy.” – Pat Connor

I am completely debt-free, even paying off my house a few years ago. I specialize in helping people change their attitude and behavior toward money, holding them accountable and teaching them same principles of managing money and budgeting finances that I have lived by for most of my life.

Helping you to manage your money

I work with singles, couples and families. My favorite technique is the Envelope System for managing your money. I also love to work with children, teaching them early how to budget finances and how to manage their money. I continue to study finance coaching, the ins-and-outs of bankruptcy, and the deliberately complicated world of credit cards and the acceptance of debt as a way of life.

Whether you are wealthy or struggling to make ends meet, I can help you improve your financial situation. I will guide you and mentor you toward your goal of financial peace. I will hold you accountable for the decisions you make, and teach you the ways to overcome your negative behaviors and feelings about money. I will be both your teacher and your guide to financial independence.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Jeff, to schedule a free, 30 minute get-acquainted call.