Charitable Giving

Share the wealth. Pay it forward. Do unto others. These are admirable goals, and life affirming. Once we’ve helped you get your finances back on track, we can also help you decide how to start giving back to your community and the causes you care for!

Pay off debt first…

As an extension of our Mindset for Success program, and as a benefit of living a debt-free life, we are strong advocates of charitable giving. However, we also understand that giving to others while struggling to put food on the table for your family can lead to resentment and negativity. First, you must become debt free, and then you may share your prosperity.

Charitable Giving: Why should I give to others?

Using your hard won financial independence to help others creates positive energy in your own life, while at the same time benefiting them. Sharing your good fortune, derived from your hard work, may inspire others to do the same. Be an example to others and let them see the benefits of your financial freedom.

  • You should have 3-6 months income in your emergency fund
  • Share your good fortune and hard work
  • Bless others with your prosperity

 The choice to do this is yours, of course, but we strongly recommend sharing with others as a goal to reaching true financial freedom and peace of mind. The benefits of sharing belong to you, as well as to those with whom you share. It’s a win-win strategy.

We would love to help you discover the road to financial freedom and the freedom to share.  Contact us today for your free get-acquainted call.