Melissa Cappleman is the Dave Ramsey Certified Debt-Free Coach of the Greater Los Angeles Area!

Client Testimonials

“I had an opportunity to speak with Coach Melissa in an introductory session and I loved it! She is so easy to talk with. After just one conversation, I was convinced that I want to work with her. That’s why I am attending her group coaching sessions.” – Dina L

“I recently spoke with Coach Melissa in reference to starting up a small business. Her financial advice was insightful and will definitely influence how I grow my business. She had practical ideas and was a pleasure to deal with.” -A. R.

“So far I have only had my initial Get-Acquainted call with a colleague of Melissa’s. I found him to be very encouraging and hopeful to what I saw as a hopeless situation. He has gone above and beyond his services to help us find a resolution to our situation. We are now signed up to receive a full coaching package and I am looking forward to putting all the bad stuff behind. Thank you Coach Melissa and Staff.” – Rae Ann

“I really felt comfortable talking to Coach Melissa about a very personal issue. She is a caring and helpful coach and gave some good information to keep us going with our financial peace experience.” – Jan A

Coach Melissa was a guest on my Podcast where we discussed the challenges of a single Mom with two children in private school. Her recommendations were spot-on and provided hope for a client who was feeling hopeless. She could relate with the client from her own personal experiences and has a real heart for helping others. Thank you Coach Melissa!”  -Steve Stewart

“Coach Melissa is very competent and caring. She really understands what it’s like to be in financial hardship. She treats people with compassion and caring.” – Alma C

“Coach Melissa spent an entire hour with me for our phone appointment. She was very sensitive to my needs and helped me to find referrals for other needs, as well.” – Rosa E

“Melissa knows exactly how to put things so that I can get the most out of our sessions! I have had all of my finances computerized and categorized, but didn’t know where to go from there….with Melissa’s help, I’m moving on to the next level!” – Sage G

“We highly recommend Coach Melissa. My wife and I were going through some pretty rough times financially, and we did not know how to achieve a debt-free life with our financial challenges. With her experience and guidance, Melissa helped us develop a plan and stay on track. And she cares a lot about our success. Melissa is helping us learn to be more successful financially. We wanted to achieve our goals now, versus maybe never. We now have a good and clear plan. Thank you, Melissa.” – Jim and Claudia T

“I really needed some advice and it was just what I was looking for at that moment. If I could I would sign up for the recommended visits, but I cannot at this moment. However, with the information given, and the wake-up call she gave me regarding my financial situation, I WILL stay on the track discussed. Thank You Melissa for your time.” – Rona W

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