Melissa Cappleman is the Dave Ramsey Certified Debt-Free Coach of the Greater Los Angeles Area!

Are you struggling with money problems?

Living a Debt-Free Life is Within Your Reach!

Coach Melissa Cappleman is a money savings expert and specialist at finance coaching. She teaches single professionals, small business owners, and married couples just like you to take control of their finances and start enjoying the power of money to their advantage.

Stop struggling with money now!

If you are…

  • Having trouble paying your mortgage
  • Falling further behind every month
  • Being harassed by creditors
  • Constantly juggling minimum payments
  • Considering bankruptcy


…you need the help of a money savings expert. You need Coach Melissa in your life.

“We highly recommend Coach Melissa. My wife and I were going through some pretty rough times financially. With her experience and guidance, Melissa helped us develop a plan and stay on track. And she cares a lot about our success. Melissa is helping us learn to be more successful financially. Thank you, Melissa.” Jim and Claudia T.


Learn to become a money savings expert!

Using the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover plan and other advanced financial solution services, Coach Melissa’s finance coaching team will help you…

  • Pay off debt fast using Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball.
  • Learn to manage money for the first time in your life.
  • Learn how to budget finances and control spending.
  • Develop your own personal budgeting planner and control your cash flow.
  • Develop a Mindset for Success and achieve peace of mind.
  • Learn to control money instead of money controlling you.


“I recently spoke with Coach Melissa in reference to starting up a small business. Her financial advice was insightful and will definitely influence how I grow my business. She had practical ideas and was a pleasure to deal with.” A. R.


Did you know?

  • Interest works both ways. Stop paying credit card companies those hefty interest rates and start making your money work for you by saving now. Coach Melissa will teach you how.
  • You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the life you’ve always wanted. Learn the steps toward living within your means and becoming a money savings expert yourself. Before you know it, with Coach Melissa’s help, all that money you’re paying each month to the credit card companies will be yours to save, invest, or spend as you choose!
  • Credit card companies intentionally make it confusing and difficult to get out of debt. There is an answer to the confusion. Coach Melissa will teach you tried and true ways to get out of debt and take charge of your finances.


Let Coach Melissa become Your Personal Money Savings Expert

Coach Melissa Cappleman is the Dave Ramsey Certified Debt-Free Counselor for the Los Angeles area. Melissa achieved her personal goal of a debt-free life in 2010. She has also helped hundreds of single professionals, small business owners, married couples, and young families get out of debt and live within their means since 2007. If you are struggling with money and would like to learn,

  • How to get out of debt and quit paying too much each month to the credit card companies…
  • How to create a realistic cash flow plan or monthly budget…
  • How to live or operate your business on a cash vs. credit basis…
  • How to deal with debt collectors and make the phone calls stop…
  • How to become a money savings expert and enjoy a debt-free life…


Then you should call Coach Melissa today at 1-877-477-6450 for a Get-Acquainted Call to learn how our finance coaching can help you manage your money and improve your financial situation.

Melissa Cappleman

“With tangible financial tools, you can live debt-free.
There is a better life out there, and I will help you find it!”

– Abundant Blessings,

Melissa Cappleman & Team

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