Dave Ramsey Financial Planning

Achieve your financial goals faster with Coach Melissa’s team of certified finance coaching experts.  We work with small business owners, single professionals, married couples, and young families in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Because we are also able to work by telephone, we are able to accommodate you wherever in the world you may be. Whether you just need a few financial solutions or an intensive finance coaching plan, we can help you achieve your financial goals!

Budget Management / Cash Flow Planning

Take charge of your monthly finances and learn how to live comfortably within your means. By using our financial services solutions you’ll see exactly where your money goes and learn how to eliminate impulse buys and needless expenses. The first step to financial freedom is learning to manage your money.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a cost of living, not an investment. Just as a trip to the grocery store is a cost of keeping your family well fed and healthy, life insurance is a cost of keeping your family sheltered, clothed, and fed when you are gone. In fact, thinking of life insurance as an investment may be one of the reasons you are struggling with money.

There is one, and only one, type of life insurance to buy – term life insurance.

Retirement Planning

Planning for the future is always tough. How much will you need when you retire? Can you maintain your current lifestyle? These questions rarely have simple answers. As your personal money savings expert, we will help you discover the ways to fund and protect your retirement.

Planning for College

By beginning early, saving for your child’s education is easy. If you wait to the last minute however, you may be paying for that education long after your child has dropped out of school and is living in a commune. Remember this; you cannot afford to mortgage your future for the sake of a child.

Charitable giving

Once your finances are back on track, we can help you decide how to start giving back to your community and the causes you care about!

Financial Solution Services can bring you financial freedom

Let THE Dave Ramsey Financial Planning Los Angeles area expert will show you how to achieve your financial goals.  To get started on your own path to financial freedom, contact us today to schedule your free Get-Acquainted call with Coach Melissa!