You are a master at whipping a low-performing space into a highly functional home or business, and you don’t take no for an answer when a “hoarder” of any sorts wants to keep everything. So how does your bank account look? Is your personal financial situation as in control as your junk drawer?

Use financial planning worksheets

Keeping a working monthly budget is no different than turning a paper hurricane into a well-managed filing system – every item, just like every dollar, should have its own place and function. Using financial planning worksheets will allow you to organize your financial life as completely as you organize space for others.
Just as you set up systems in homes and offices to create organization and bring a sense of balance and efficiency to a space, I bring clarity, tools, and a plan to manage your budget, debts, savings, and investments. When you work with an irregular income, like so many professional organizers and other small business owners, sticking to your budgeting planner can seem like an unmanageable task. How do you get through the low-income months without stressing, while making the most of your high-income months?

Financial planning worksheets will help you organize your income

The key is to ensure every single incoming dollar is earmarked for a purpose, and that you work to grow a reserve. Growing a reserve is often the most difficult task as clients come and go, and sometimes pay late, so your “reserve” is constantly depleted. But, by using financial planning worksheets and a budgeting planner, I can show you how and where to cut expenses and utilize your income so that in just a few months, you are sailing through the slow months and working to make your big months even more profitable!

Now that’s the financial situation of an organized pro.

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