Beginning October 20, I will be personally conducting a new 4-week coaching group or teleclass focused on Financial Beliefs. In my work helping clients climb their way out of debt toward financial success, I have learned, over and over again, that most individuals find themselves in this situation due to their financial beliefs. So often, we aren’t taught as children how to use money as a tool toward building prosperity. Our educational system does not require teenagers to learn financial responsibility and the effects of credit card spending. So often, parents with a negative view toward money, instill inaccurate financial beliefs in their children without realizing the lasting effects these beliefs will have on their future.

Learn how to change your own set of financial beliefs and how to instill positive beliefs in your children to ensure theirs is not a life lived in debt. Say this out loud right now, “DEBT IS NOT A WAY OF LIFE!” Do you believe this to be true? If so, you are probably not in debt and are probably not even reading my blog. Chances are that you have made choices (consciously and unconsciously) to get you to the financial situation you are in now.

It’s time to take charge of your beliefs and learn to how to change your situation one choice at a time by enrolling in my 4-week Financial Beliefs Coaching Group beginning October 20. To enroll, use this link for singles ($95) or bring a friend (and split $125) This teleclass can truly change your financial life!

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