How You Can Use Universal Laws to Help with Money Management

posted by Melissa Cappleman
January 28, 2012

The cosmic laws of the universe are real and you can use them in your everyday life to help with money management. Universal laws include the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance and each of these concepts can be used to target and achieve your financial goals. Applying the laws of success to your financial goals involves an everyday commitment and refocusing your energy away from what’s not working financially to what you can do today to change your situation. Here are some tips to help you get on the path to a successful financial mindset.

How to apply the Law of Abundance to achieve your financial goals –
The Law of Abundance states that there are more than enough good and positive things in the universe to be shared by all. So the key here is to realize that you really do have more than enough money to pay off your debt. How is this possible? Applying debt elimination strategies like Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball is the perfect example. Pay minimums on all debt, but aggressively pay as much as you can on one debt at a time, starting with the smallest, and you’ll see just how quickly you can clear up your debt one bill at a time!

Also, start to think creatively and realize innovative ways you can generate cash, like having a garage sale or selling clothing you don’t wear anymore. When you purge out the clutter in your life and keep only what you need and what has true sentimental value, not only do you free up storage and create more breathing room in your life, but you can also earn hundreds of dollars doing so! That’s more than enough cash to clear a few small debts off your list. You’ll probably feel much lighter, too!

When it comes to your career, are you due for a raise or do you feel you are underpaid at your position? Conduct some internet research to learn the average wage in your area for your position and strategize on how you can negotiate for a pay raise. It’s important to have at least an annual conversation with your employer to discuss your wage and how you can further advance your career and earn a higher salary. If your employer has made it clear to you that there is no room for advancement, then it’s time to research other opportunities. Only you are in charge of your situation and if you feel stuck, you have the power and the right to strive for a better living and working environment.

Making the Law of Abundance work for you means that you must stop thinking you don’t have enough money and start finding ways to eliminate wasteful spending, free up income and generate more cash flow for your family. Simply establishing and adhering to a household budget can free up 15%-30% of your income by identifying and eliminating wasteful spending! Universal Laws only work when you focus on making them work and I can help you put them to work for you!

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