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Makes Debt-Free Coach a Success      


Denver, CO – September 15, 2009 – Financial freedom doesn’t just happen overnight. Especially in the midst of an economical recession, a little push in the right direction can be just what the average financially-strapped North American needs.  This is where Melissa Cappleman of Coach Melissa, LLC comes in.

A certified debt-free coach, Cappleman is dedicated to helping her clients reach the epitome of financial freedom and enjoy a debt-free life. Tossing aside complicated formulas and financial jargon, she teaches her clients to achieve a new perspective on their life and their finances through a common-sense approach, straight-forward advice and a customized budget.

Getting out of debt is not always an easy task without outside help. Obligatory bills such as mortgage and car payments, groceries and everyday living can certainly add up and feel overwhelming. Helping people from all walks of life in both the United States and Canada, Cappleman’s services include: budget planning, debt management, retirement planning, college planning and even tips on how to manage collection agency calls.

Cappleman herself is no stranger to the seemingly never-ending downward spiral called debt. She spent years trying to lose the financial worry that followed her around on a daily basis.

As a single mother, she tried to remain focused on her career and motherhood. But anxiety over her finances persisted. It wasn’t until the day she discovered The Dave Ramsey Show, a free podcast dedicated to helping people understand how their life and relationships revolve around money, that she began to view her monetary situation in a new light. The financial advice offered through this show was life changing and opened her mind up to the possibility of personal finance coaching.

“I listened to The Dave Ramsey Show for four months and was intrigued by the advice provided. I was touched by how he helped others transform their lives.” She says, “As someone who already lived for helping other people, this program piqued my interest and motivated me to seek a career in personal financial coaching.”

Before she coached others however, she needed to get her own finances in order. This is when she decided to seek the help of her own coach. Cappleman’s experience with her own personal coach was a positive one. Together they developed a plan that would pull her out of debt using sensible methods to develop a custom budget suiting her lifestyle and a financial plan that worked just for her. Using this experience as a stepping stone in the right direction, Cappleman soon attended and graduated from the Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor Training program.

Her own struggles with debt and financial recovery helps Cappleman understand where her clients are coming from.

“I am proof that it’s possible to break free from the prison of debt. I believe my own experience and sensible advice helps my clients feel at ease. Understanding where my clients are coming from establishes a trust that, together, we can rise above their debt.” Says Cappleman, “I enjoy helping change my clients’ mindsets toward money. How you handle your money is truly a mentality. Helping my clients establish a plan that works for them and seeing them stick to it is very rewarding.”

Because Cappleman is dedicated to seeing her clients succeed, she works on a sliding scale, ensuring all clients can afford her services. Her coaching services begin with a 45-minute FREE phone consultation and continues with personalized sessions committed to helping clients live debt free.

About Coach Melissa, LLC

Melissa Cappleman of Coach Melissa, LLC empowers singles and couples who have more month than money to design a customized financial blueprint to live a debt-free life. Using a common-sense approach, she helps break the shackles of debt and develop a new mentality towards personal finance. Coach Melissa is dedicated to helping clients reach Peace, Wisdom and Prosperity. A free 45-minute consultation can be scheduled by phoning 1-877-477-6450.


Contact: Melissa Cappleman, Coach and CEO 1-877-477-6450
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