Change Your Financial Mindset to Change Your Financial Future!

posted by Melissa Cappleman
November 18, 2011

The majority of clients I coach are in debt largely due to their relationship with money. Your attitude toward money , and managing it, is directly related to how good or bad your financial reality is. Not only do I coach clients on how to utilize the tools and set action steps toward getting out of debt, but we also work together to create a healthy and positive relationship with money.

Think about how you feel when you do the following tasks:
● Adjusting your budget monthly
● Calculating how much more than the minimums you can pay on your credit cards
● Managing the money left over each month after your bills are paid

Are these tasks a major chore to you or do you actually get excited about actively managing your financial future? Most people don’t like paying bills, but they get it done on time. Completing these extra steps each month and becoming passionate about the path you are on are keys to really changing your financial scenario. You don’t have to make six figures a year to not live in debt. You can earn $40k a year, eliminate debt, live on cash, and be actively building wealth for your future!

This is my specialty and I work with clients nationwide. Read my blog and visit my Twitter feed to learn more and I look forward to working with you!

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