When Funds are Low, Choices Become Even More Valuable

posted by Melissa Cappleman
November 2, 2011

The “99%” of us often run out of money before our next paycheck comes in. Why is that and why do we always seem to “have to” use our credit cards? When funds are low, then expenses must become even lower. Every dollar that comes in must be 100% accounted for in your monthly budget, which must include a savings buffer.

When we are confronted with life’s choices, immediately we might see no other alternative but to pay with credit card. But there is almost always another way, one which might not be as obvious or preferable, but one which we can afford. For instance, if the fridge breaks down, should you buy the new designer brand on credit or should you buy a good, working used fridge you can pay for in cash. If you just moved into a new home, should you take out a second mortgage to furnish it? Or should you fill it with hand me downs and second hand furniture that works for now and enjoy the feeling of updating it gradually with perfect, original pieces you can afford.

So often, couples and young families can go so quickly into debt and then financial issues arise which strain the relationship. When families work together to live within their means, trust and relationships become so much stronger, and this further increases the value of your financial choices. Now, more so than ever, is the right time to choose to get out of debt. This is a choice and it is an active one. You can’t just say, “I am going to get out of debt.” You must actively and consciously work on it every single day by scrutinizing your choices and analyzing the necessity of every single dollar you spend. It’s so much easier to go into debt than it is to get out of debt, but I can help and I’ve done it myself.

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