BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This $10.00 4-week teleclass will be held at 12 noon Pacific time beginning February 8th. Each session will be 45 minutes in length. Brown bag it and enjoy your lunch after the call. Your wallet will thank you! If you know of others who may be interested in the group, please feel free to forward this post to them.

I specialize in assisting my clients to implement a budget. I will partner with you to develop a financial game plan to get you out of debt. I will help you communicate fearlessly with collectors and empower you to take control of your finances. In this $10.00 teleclass, you will, step by step:

• Build a realistic budget to which you can stick
• Save enough money to have a small emergency fund
• Know what to say the next time a collector calls you
• Examine your money beliefs
• Communicate better with your partner
• Have peace of mind
• Stop going into debt

I have a client couple with whom I worked for two months. Before we partnered together, they constantly had more month than money and were losing sleep because of their debt. They were never able to pay more than the minimum on their credit cards, and were being harassed by collectors. They were concerned about not having enough money for their kids’ college funds or for their own retirement. I walked them step by step through the process of getting organized, creating a realistic budget, and sticking to it. I made sure they were communicating openly and regularly about their expenses and tracking their progress. They have made significant progress. They were so committed to this process that they decided to pick up extra income as it was available. They will be completely debt-free by December.

I assist couples to communicate openly about their spending habits. Money can be an incredibly difficult and emotional issue. To be successful in eliminating debt and saving money, you must change the way you think about money. This creates lasting change.

My financial game plan is not just for couples. If you are single, either in life or in business, I know how difficult it can be to feel like you are carrying the weight of the world alone. A major benefit of my plan for singles is that I provide accountability so they don’t have to struggle alone.

What is unique about my coaching is that I offer a common-sense approach to personal finance and debt-reduction. I’m not talking about debt consolidation. This is debt elimination. None of the concepts are new and they don’t contain complicated formulas. It is easy to wander into debt. It takes great determination and support to make a plan to get out of debt and put it in motion. That is why partnering with me is so important. I applied these concepts to my own debt and became completely debt-free in March 2010.

If you are serious about sticking to a budget and getting out of debt this time, I invite you to enroll for $10.00. The last time I offered this class, the price for a single ticket was $65. Take advantage of my very generous offer before I realize how crazy this price is!

If you are unsure if this class is for you, please join my free ‘Ask Me Anything’ open call. It’s the same as a free initial consultation, without having to wait weeks to get on my schedule. It’s on Tuesday, February 7th at noon. You can register for the free call here. For more information, please feel free to contact me toll-free at 877-477-6450 or at Inquiry(at)CoachMelissa(dot)net.

Before deciding to become a financial coach, I completed the Wellness Mapping 360° Certified Coach training. I then became a Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor achieving the Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach designation. I’ve been told that what makes me a great coach is that I’m gently straight-forward, knowledgeable and non-pretentious. No two situations are the same. By partnering with my clients, we develop a personalized plan that will work for their unique situation and challenges. I ask out loud the questions that my clients have been wondering about and talk about the issues they’ve been afraid to discuss. I break tasks into bite-sized pieces. I have previous personal experience with financial difficulties. I know where my clients are coming from and I know how to help them get where they want to be.

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