Money Coach

Coach Melissa’s team of certified finance coaching experts will help you take charge of your specific money issues. We work with small business owners, single professionals, married couples, and young families in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Because we are also able to work by telephone, we are able to accommodate you wherever in the world you may be. Whether you just need a few financial solutions or an intensive finance coaching plan, we can help you achieve your financial goals!

Coaching for a Positive, Successful Mindset

Coach Melissa is living proof of the power of positive thinking! Learn how to eliminate negative thoughts and energy that may unknowingly be causing you grief and start living the life you know you deserve!

Whether you call it the power of positive thinking, the psychology of energy, or the law of attraction, a Mindset for Success is critical to reaching your goal of a debt-free life and achieving financial freedom. We will help you understand and employ the concepts of the Universal Laws to help you in your journey beyond simple financial freedom.

Our Emotional Connection to Money

Money has tremendous power. When, instead of seeing money as a simple tool we see it as a means of gaining respect, or appreciation, or status, it can actually control us. When our self-esteem or ego becomes invested in the amount of money we have, or spend, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Learning to change the way we feel about money is the first critical step to finding financial freedom.


Money Coach Los Angeles & Beyond:

THE Dave Ramsey certified Money Coach Los Angeles area expert that can help you once and for all achieve a healthy relationship with your money. Coach Melissa and her team help people around the country get on the path to financial freedom.  To get started on your own path to financial freedom, contact us today to schedule your free Get-Acquainted call with Coach Melissa!